Olga Bitel
William Blair Global Strategist

Taking an Economic Pulse

April 28, 2023 | 34:30

Every decade brings a different economic environment. What’s set to impact the 2020s? In this episode of The Active Share, join Hugo with guest Olga Bitel, partner and global strategist for William Blair Investment Management, for a wide-ranging discussion of what’s driving the U.S. and global economies, including inflation, recession risk, productivity, geopolitics, and interest rates.

Meet Our Moderator

Hugo Scott-Gall, Partner

00:36 Host Hugo Scott-Gall introduces today’s guest, Olga Bitel.
02:41 The recession risk of the U.S. economy due to convulsions in the banking sector.
04:58 Unpacking the Fed’s response to increasing interest rates.
08:37 The short-term major drivers of inflation.
14:27 Navigating the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy.
18:49 Decoupling vs. deglobalization.
22:41 The decline of the fertility rate in the U.S.
24:34 How Olga thinks about productivity and its outcomes.
30:12 The role geopolitics will play in the future of interest rates.


Meet Our Moderator

Hugo Scott-Gall, Partner

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