Our Investment Teams

U.S. Growth & Core Equity Team

Quality Growth and Core Investing With a Valuation Discipline

We believe investing in quality companies whose stocks are mispriced enables us to outperform over time.

U.S. Value Equity Team

Quality Fundamental Focus

We believe a focus on quality companies that are temporarily trading below historic averages, peer groups, and private market values, provides us with alpha-generating opportunities.

Global Equity Team

Integrated Fundamental and Systematic Process

We believe our systematic tools enhance our in-depth fundamental analysis, helping us improve investment outcomes for our portfolios and clients.

Emerging Markets Debt Team

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Analysis

We believe a combination of bottom-up and top-down expertise deepens our understanding of performance drivers, improving the decision-making process.



Gain insights on the economy and the investment landscape.


Gain insights on the economy, and the investment landscape.

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Enduring Partnership

Our active ownership culture creates long-term client relationships by aligning with your interests and helping you achieve successful investment outcomes. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you.


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