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Quality Fundamental Focus

We believe a focus on quality companies that are temporarily trading below historic averages, peer groups, and private market values, provides us with alpha-generating opportunities.


We believe that pricing inefficiencies exist in small-cap stocks such that quality companies can temporarily trade below their intrinsic value. This valuation discrepancy tends to be rationalized over time. By maintaining a strong valuation discipline, with a strict focus on quality companies, we believe we are rewarded for our stock selection, conviction, and patience.

Strong investment timing has been a key factor to our success. Our focus is to nimbly identify profitable entry and exit points of quality companies.


Research has shown that historically, small-cap value stocks are among the best-performing asset classes.

Both value and small company risk premiums have amply rewarded investors over the long term. Our view is that most investors can benefit from the attractive long-term capital appreciation potential that a strategic allocation to small-cap value equities has offered. We believe that investors are well served and can improve their long-term prospects by investing with an active manager in this space.


Small Cap Value
Portfolio of quality small-cap companies whose stocks are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. LEARN MORE

We leverage a bottom-up fundamental approach focusing on companies that have attractive valuations, strong balance sheets, and consistent cash flow. The process combines the focused knowledge of individual career sector analysts with the collective experience of the team to find companies that we believe can outperform the broader market over time.

Our collaborative culture promotes team stability. Our seasoned, experienced, and specialized team has been working together for more than a decade, providing extensive institutional memory and knowledge of the investable universe.

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