Joshua S. Overholt

Research Analyst

Joshua Overholt is a research analyst for William Blair’s small- to mid-cap value equity strategies. He focuses on the technology and telecommunications sector. Before joining William Blair in 2021, Joshua was a principal and member of the of the small- to mid-cap value equity teams at ICM. Before joining ICM in 2007, he was an equity analyst at FAF Advisors (First American Funds), where he covered the technology sector for both the large/mid- and small-cap teams. Before that, he was a technology analyst at Strong Capital Management and an advanced business services analyst for Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Joshua received a B.A. in finance/accounting from Cedarville University and an M.B.A from Indiana University.

Transitions in Value: Technology

Joshua S. Overholt
U.S. Equity

When the world changes, opportunities to find value may present themselves. Something, whether it’s a geopolitical event or a new technology, creates a question about a company’s future, and that question can impact valuations—so as...

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