Kristina Blaschek

Director of Business and Technology Solutions

Kristina Blaschek is director of business and technology solutions for William Blair Investment Management. In this role, she provides strategic direction and oversight regarding technology development, oversees data integrity and governance, and is William Blair Investment Management’s chief liaison with the firm’s human resources, information technology, and recruiting groups. Before assuming this role in November 2017, Kristina was a global research manager, working closely with directors of research to oversee research operations and managing the global and U.S. equity research associates. Before joining the global research team, Kristina was a senior associate in William Blair’s sell-side research group, where she focused on the healthcare sector for six years. She joined William Blair in 2007. Previously, Kristina worked in the advisory investment banking industry as an associate at Lazard Middle Market and as an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Company in Chicago. Before that, Kristina worked in JPMorgan’s equity products division and completed the firm’s capital markets development program, rotating between asset-backed finance, high-yield products, interest-rate-derivative marketing, and equity products. Kristina co-leads the William Blair Women’s Alliance. She received a B.B.A. in finance with honors from Loyola University Chicago and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Data Democratization Drives Change in Asset Management

Data Democratization Drives Change in Asset Management

We hear a lot about democratization—the action of making something accessible to everyone—in public policy. But democratization also applies to data, and it’s changing the way we drive successful client outcomes in financial services.Data Drives Decision-MakingAs head...

Incubating Technology

Incubating Technology

We live in a world of rapid technological change. It’s an intensely competitive landscape that requires constant innovation. This environment requires us to evaluate our technology stack in a quest to determine where we should buy, where we should build, and where we...

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