Lewis Jones, CFA, FRM

Portfolio Manager

Lewis Jones, CFA, FRM, is a local currency portfolio manager on William Blair’s emerging markets debt team. He also researches Latin American local currency markets. Before joining William Blair, Lewis was the lead portfolio manager for EMD local currency strategies at NN Investment Partners; he also covered Latin America. Before joining NNIP in 2016, Lewis was an EMD portfolio manager at BNP Paribas Investment Partners and Fischer Francis Trees & Watts. Before that, Lewis held emerging markets fixed-income research and portfolio management roles at Rexiter Capital Management. Lewis received a B.Com. from the University of Alberta.

The Case for Local Currency Emerging Markets Debt

Lewis Jones, CFA, FRM
Emerging Markets Debt

We expect emerging markets (EM) debt issues in local currency to outperform other fixed-income asset classes in coming quarters, and several factors underpin this positive forecast. Watch the video or read the recap below.

Positioning for a Weaker Dollar

Lewis Jones, CFA, FRM
Emerging Markets Debt

The U.S. dollar faces downward pressure due to a combination of macro and technical factors, and we believe a key beneficiary of this trend will be investors in sovereign emerging markets debt (EMD) that is...

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