Sophie Gao, CFA

Global Research Associate

Sophie Gao, CFA, is a global research associate. She focuses on companies within China. Before joining William Blair in 2021, Sophie held positions in business development at ADM and in credit research at Muzinich & Co., an investment firm specializing in corporate credit. Sophie received an M.S. in finance from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and a B.A. in economics from the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. She received her M.B.A. at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in December 2021.

Understanding China: Society and Foreign Policy

Sophie Gao, CFA
Global Equity

Today, ancient ideologies continue to shape the goals and principles of China’s society and foreign policy. But as China grapples with shifting demographics, cultural and generational clashes, and a slowdown in economic growth, will Chinese...

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