Election May Shape Turkey’s Financial Future

Daniel Wood
Emerging Markets Debt

We’re just weeks away from Turkey’s May 15 presidential and parliamentary elections, which are likely the most important Turkish elections in a generation. President Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been in power for 20 years, is...

A New Year in China

Clifford Lau, CFA
Emerging Markets Debt

With the end of China’s COVID-zero policy, the country’s economy could gradually return to its full growth potential. Watch the video or read the recap below. The zero-COVID policy has finally come to an...

4 Reasons to Look at Asia

Clifford Lau, CFA and Johnny Chen, CFA
Emerging Markets Debt

Supply-chain disruptions are causing some turmoil in the minds of Asian investors. But while COVID-19 restrictions in China highlighted the problems with supply-chain concentration and drove many businesses to diversify to other Asian countries, we...

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