Korea’s Path to Better Corporate Governance

Rita Spitz, CFA, Partner
Global Equity

Korea has been grappling with corporate governance issues for several decades, driven by the concentration of power and opaque business practices. But significant efforts to reform these practices have gained momentum, with government initiatives paving...

Equities Play a Waiting Game

Ken McAtamney, Partner
Global Equity

The waiting game continues for the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and other major central banks to cut interest rates this year. In the meantime, however, global equities have performed well. As discussed at the beginning...

Tailwinds in Tech

Drew Buckley, CFA, Partner
Global Equity

Are we in a new demand cycle for tech hardware as the COVID-era PC- and smartphone-purchase boom hits the first leg of its replacement cycle? And will AI-enabling devices act as a tailwind? If so,...

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