Opportunities in Value Strategies

William V. Heaphy, CFA
U.S. Equity

Following a long period of outperformance for growth, value has had a strong resurgence. In this video, Bill Heaphy, CFA, a portfolio manager and head of William Blair’s U.S. value equity team, breaks down why...

The Current State of Energy

Matthew Fleming, CFA
U.S. Equity

The energy sector has undergone immense change since 2020. In this video, Matt Fleming, CFA, a co-portfolio manager and research analyst on William Blair’s U.S. value equity team, discusses which areas of the energy sector...

Seeking Value

Matthew Fleming, CFA and Greg J. Czarnecki
U.S. Equity

Value investing, says our U.S. value equity team, is like seeking a four-leaf clover in a field of three-leaf clovers. And to do that, they take a particularly collaborative approach. To get a better sense...

Evaluating Climate Change Critical in ESG Integration

Shivani Patel
U.S. Equity

Climate change, if left unchecked, will likely have such widespread implications that it could threaten the stability of the global financial system. Watch the video or read the transcript below. Climate change is a...

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