Large-Cap Growth: Navigating Index Concentration

Aaron Socker
U.S. Equity

Over the past decade, large-cap growth indices have delivered strong returns relative to many asset classes. But as index concentration has risen over this period, the largest issuers have become an increasingly sizable portion of...

Transitions in Value: Technology

Joshua S. Overholt
U.S. Equity

When the world changes, opportunities to find value may present themselves. Something, whether it’s a geopolitical event or a new technology, creates a question about a company’s future, and that question can impact valuations—so as...

Regional Bank Update

Greg J. Czarnecki
U.S. Equity

When any turmoil arises, as it has in the banking sector this year, we begin our analysis with a deep risk assessment. Our conclusion: While we are not actively increasing the overall exposure to banks...

Investing in Health and Wellness

Nancy Aversa, CFA, Partner
U.S. Equity

Health and wellness are not confined to New Year’s resolutions—they are a state of mind and being that has grown into a trillion-dollar global economy. This rapid growth was spurred on largely by the COVID-19...

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