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Emerging Markets: A Bright Spot for Investors?

Our portfolio managers share their thoughts about what to expect from emerging markets in 2023.

Metals of the Future Drive Opportunities in Frontier Markets

July 2022

Metal exporters in emerging markets may be underappreciated because regulation and consumer preferences are creating demand for clean transportation, and we believe this demand will drive strong growth in copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and lithium.
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Should Emerging Markets Debt Investors Be Afraid of the Fed Hiking Cycle?

June 2022

Should emerging markets debt investors be concerned about recent U.S. rate hikes, or could this be a buying opportunity?
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Rising to Meet the Climate Challenge

March 2022

Our society is in a race against time to decarbonize, and we seek to identify companies that have the potential to catalyze positive change.
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The Shift to the Cloud

February 2022

We believe the digitalization of corporate America—more specifically the expansion of the public cloud—is one of the more significant investment trends we have experienced given its vast growth potential.
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Emerging Markets: A Great Awakening

January 2022

Two years after COVID-19 emerged, we share our thoughts about how EM equity and debt are likely to fare in this reawakening.
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Financial Inclusion Drives Investment Opportunities

December 2021

Emerging markets debt investors can gain exposure to financial inclusion via companies with diverse geographies, business operations, and risk profiles.
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Rise of Electric Vehicles: Impact on Commodities and Emerging Markets

August 2021

We discuss the rise of electric vehicles and its impact on the utilization of several key metals.
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ESG Integration Across the Cap Spectrum

June 2021

With large- and small-cap companies in different stages of ESG adoption, tracking, and reporting, we believe investors should take a tailored approach to engagement to drive the most positive outcomes.
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ESG Integration: A More Holistic View

June 2021

We believe integrating sustainability factors alongside rigorous, fundamental research provides a holistic assessment of corporate risk and opportunities.
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Why International Leaders ADR for Your International Exposure

February 2021

Investors seeking to diversify portfolio exposure beyond U.S. companies may want to consider ADRs.
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Emerging Markets: Looking Ahead


A year after COVID-19 emerged, we’re bullish on the outlook for emering markets equity and debt.

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Three Pillars of International Investing


Today’s investors may be handicapping their return potential by not considering international stocks.

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Low-Inflation Nation

October 2020

Olga Bitel untangles misconceptions about inflation and predicts its path after COVID-19.
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Identifying Growing Large Caps in Growing Industries


In this Q&A, our large-cap growth portfolio managers discuss their pursuit of structurally advantaged companies.

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The Spread Over Sovereign Framework

July 2020

Opportunities to create better risk-adjusted portfolios using corporate debt have emerged.

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2020 Outlook for Sovereign Debt Restructurings

June 2020

Historically, markets have overestimated the probability of emerging markets debt default and underestimated eventual recovery rates.

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Emerging Markets: Exploring Opportunities and Navigating the Path Ahead

June 2020

Three of our PMs discuss challenges and opportunities for EM equity and debt investors.

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India in 2020: Active Perspectives on India’s Evolution

MAY 2020

We are excited about India’s potential, but its evolution will likely be rocky.


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Opportunities and Challenges for Emerging Markets Debt Investors

APRIL 2020

We share our latest thoughts on investment opportunities across emerging markets debt.

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Why We're Paying Close Attention to Digital Payments

February 2020

The series of connections and interactions that take place a few seconds after you swipe your credit card or click “purchase” presents a compelling investment opportunity.


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Why ESG Matters in Emerging Markets

February 2020

We examine the growing materiality of ESG factors to investing in emerging markets, exploring both risks and opportunities.

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2020 Outlook for Emerging Markets Debt

February 2020

A number of factors lead us to think the outlook for emerging markets debt is positive.

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ESG in Emerging Markets Debt

January 2020

Members of our Emerging Markets Debt team discuss how they view and integrate ESG factors in a highly analyst-driven approach.

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Investing for Impact: Our Take

May 2019

Stephanie Braming, CFA, partner, global head of William Blair Investment Management, discusses impact investing.

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Client Focus: Women in Investment Management

September 2018

In investing and other arenas, women are trending higher—and their voices, together, can improve decision-making and success.

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Three Investible Themes in China A-Shares

August 2018

William Blair’s Vivian Lin Thurston, CFA, discusses China’s growing middle class, innovation boom, and healthcare spending growth.

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Automotive Industry Update

June 2018

Learn how advanced driver-assistance systems, ridesharing, and electric vehicles are driving change across the automotive industry.

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GICS Reclassification

March 2018

A review of the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) will shake things up—but a lower IT weighting doesn’t mean less technology.

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Why China A, Why Now?

January 2018

The domestic Chinese equity markets offer unique investment opportunities—yet they have been largely neglected by institutional investors.

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How We Integrate ESG Factors

July 2017

Learn how we have worked to integrate ESG factors into our investment process, with specific examples from the consumer discretionary and consumer staples sectors.

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Adding Science to the Art of Active Management

May 2017

Portfolio Manager Ken McAtamney explains why he believes adding more science to the art of investing may help active managers compete.

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ESG Investing and Portfolio Integration

November 2016

Interest in ESG factors is expanding at a rapid pace among institutional and retail investors around the world.

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Disruption, Innovation, and Investing for the Future

January 2016

The ability to generate consistent alpha is essential for survival in the asset-management industry amid increasing disruption.

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