Artificial Intelligence

3 Insights in Digital Advertising

Jayesh Kannan, CFA
Global Equity

Wall paintings, papyrus posters, and calligraphy from ancient Egypt, Greece, and China were among the first forms of advertising, and over thousands of years, the concept and use of advertising, as a call-to-action tool, have...

AI: Manufacturing and Employment Disruption

Olga Bitel, Partner
Global Equity

While considered ordinary technologies today, the automobile, electricity, and the internet all drastically changed processes and ushered in new eras of economic growth. Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of being another transformative technology—one...

Applying AI to Traditional Industries

Kurt Wiese, CFA, Partner
U.S. Equity

When people think of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, images of autonomous driving, virtual reality, and other high-tech, start-up–dominated fields that didn’t exist a decade ago typically come to mind. However, in our continuous...

AI Redefines Healthcare

Olga Bitel, Partner
Global Equity

Over the long run, innovation and productivity gains are the primary drivers of economic growth. While recent economic statistics have been devoid of productivity gains, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning more...

The Darker Side of AI

Olga Bitel, Partner
Global Equity

Despite its potential, artificial intelligence, which is disrupting existing business models, placing new demands on infrastructure, and even breaking down societal institutions, has its limitations. But there is a darker side to artificial intelligence, the...

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