Will Brazilian Debt Go Green?

Jared Lou, CFA and Luis Olguin, CFA
Emerging Markets Debt

Brazilian President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has vowed to be a climate leader, scaling back deforestation, setting new emissions targets, and helping developing nations get the money they need to deal with the effects...

3 Changes in Brazilian Financials

Esteban Gonzalez Rosell
Global Equity

On a recent trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in June, I met with a wide range of financial companies—some venture-stage, private-equity-funded start-ups and some older, listed incumbents. They included merchant acquirers, software providers, credit card...

Brazil’s Vicious Circle

Olga Bitel, Partner
Global Equity

Last week’s sell-off in Brazil appears to be triggered by centrist presidential candidate Geraldo Alckmin’s decline in polls, and signals a need for centrist political parties to unite behind one candidate. Brazil’s Bovespa index fell...

A Turning Point in Brazil

Olga Bitel, Partner
Global Equity

Brazil has seen quite a bit of political turmoil over the past decade, and it has been heightened by more recent corruption. But the corruption scandal and the seemingly weak political structures that have historically...

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