Investing 2022: A Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

Ken McAtamney, Partner
Global Equity

Financial markets remained turbulent through the second quarter of 2022 as inflationary pressures, interest-rate hikes, and the ongoing war in Ukraine weighed on investor sentiment, and we’ve come to accept that the future will likely...

Tectonic Shifts in the Investing Landscape

Ken McAtamney, Partner
Global Equity

Much like the heat from radioactive processes inside the Earth causes tectonic plates to move—sometimes in one direction and sometimes in another—the dynamic shifting of corporate winners and losers remains a constant. Reflecting on Unique...

Forces of Migration

The Active Share Podcast

Powerful global forces could cause billions of people to relocate over the next few decades, a transition that may have significant investment implications. Join William Blair’s Hugo Scott-Gall and Parag Khanna, founder and managing partner...

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