Healthcare Disruptors

William Blair News

Recent advancements in medical modalities—such as cell/gene therapies, immune-oncology, and RNA-based medications—have led many researchers to believe that healthcare has entered a virtuous cycle of innovation. While in some cases these developments have been evolving...

The New Cold War: China

William Blair News

China’s relationship with the United States and the global economy is a critical factor that has the potential to dramatically shape economic growth and investment opportunities, not only in China but also globally. We thus...

Privacy and Policy Implications of Connected Commerce

Jayesh Kannan, CFA
Global Equity

Increased technology adoption continues to drive innovation in the relationship between traditional retailers and e-commerce—a dynamic that we refer to as connected commerce. Historically, customer journeys have been either offline or online, but more recently,...

E-commerce Mega-Trends in India

Rita Spitz, CFA, Partner
Global Equity

E-commerce Mega-Trends in India As a global equity analyst, one of the most interesting aspects of my job is identifying companies with innovative technology and solutions that disrupt mature industries. But in emerging markets, sometimes...

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