Part 3: COVID-19 Science and Economics

The Active Share Podcast

In the third installment of our COVID-19 series, our moderator, Hugo Scott-Gall, co-director of research on the Global Equity team, checks back in with our in-house COVID experts, Research Analyst Camilla Oxhamre Cruse, Ph.D., and...

COVID-19 Drives ESG Demand

Blake Pontius, CFA
Global Equity

Investor demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration has increased rapidly across regions and asset classes in recent years and is now poised to accelerate in the wake of COVID-19. To help frame the...

10 Things the Pandemic Could Change

Ken McAtamney, Partner
Global Equity

Many of the long-term structural changes to the U.S. economy resulting from COVID-19 will depend on the post-pandemic assessments that are made by policymakers and the political reception of their actions. This process really has...

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