Emerging Markets

ESG Considerations in Frontier Markets

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

ESG factors can be hard to quantify in frontier markets, but a quantitative approach with a qualitative overlay may help uncover attractive opportunities. Watch the video or read the recap below. Mike: Hi, everyone....

Resilient Fundamentals in Emerging Markets Debt

Marco Ruijer, CFA
Emerging Markets Debt

Emerging markets (EM) debt investors face headwinds in the last quarter of the year, thanks to monetary tightening, geopolitical tensions, energy crises, and economic weakness in China. But despite the uncertainty, we have a constructive...

China: 5 Questions

Vivian Lin Thurston, CFA, Partner
Global Equity

China’s future growth is uncertain amid risks stemming from domestic issues (structural, economic, and societal), increased tensions with the United States, and deglobalization. And that has investors wondering about the outlook for Chinese equities. Here...

Eyes on South American Debt

Marcelo Assalin, CFA, Partner
Emerging Markets Debt

The investment case for South America is one of relative stability in a particularly turbulent global macro and geopolitical environment—but there will likely be regional winners and losers, and sectors that perform better than others....

5 Growth Opportunities in India

Casey Preyss, CFA, Partner
Global Equity

From the war in Ukraine to rising interest rates and commodity prices, the investment landscape for emerging markets has been stormy in 2022. But that does not mean there’s a shortage of long-term opportunities for...

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