Our 2024 Global Outlook

The Active Share Podcast

Will 2024 be the first year of “normal” economic expansion post-COVID? In this episode of The Active Share, Hugo sits down with William Blair’s Olga Bitel, partner, global strategist, and Simon Fennell, partner, portfolio manager,...

Our Top Blogs of 2023

William Blair News

In 2023, the financial markets demonstrated cautious optimism, navigating ongoing global recovery efforts, the complexities of inflationary pressures, and fast-changing geopolitical dynamics. Because of this unique investment landscape, staying informed is critical. Our investment teams...

Around the World With Our Analysts

William Blair News

As part of our commitment to staying informed, research trips are an integral component of our active, fundamental investment process. Our investment teams are dedicated to traveling around the globe to conduct comprehensive research and...

What’s Shaping India? 5 Emerging Trends

Jeremy Murden
Global Equity

In November 2019, members of our global equity team traveled to India to meet with management teams of more than 80 companies, gathering insights on India’s economic potential, growth drivers, and consumer demand across many...

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