Forces of Migration

The Active Share Podcast

Powerful global forces could cause billions of people to relocate over the next few decades, a transition that may have significant investment implications. Join William Blair’s Hugo Scott-Gall and Parag Khanna, founder and managing partner...

Sector Insights in India

Anil Daka, CFA, Partner and Bryan Shea
Global Equity

The tailwinds—and headwinds—to development in India are affecting the investment landscape in distinct ways across sectors. The common theme, however, is that as digital connectivity unlocks new sources of growth and as the playing field...

E-commerce Mega-Trends in India

Rita Spitz, CFA, Partner
Global Equity

E-commerce Mega-Trends in India As a global equity analyst, one of the most interesting aspects of my job is identifying companies with innovative technology and solutions that disrupt mature industries. But in emerging markets, sometimes...

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