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Our Top Blogs of 2023

William Blair News

In 2023, the financial markets demonstrated cautious optimism, navigating ongoing global recovery efforts, the complexities of inflationary pressures, and fast-changing geopolitical dynamics. Because of this unique investment landscape, staying informed is critical. Our investment teams...

Focused Stock Picking in Short-Term Noise

William Blair News

In the midst of headline news focused on signs of an economic slowdown, political gridlock in the U.S, and concerns about trade negotiations with China, many investors are struggling to stay hopeful. But William Blair...

Long-Term Focus with an Eye on Washington

Jim Golan, CFA, Partner
U.S. Equity

As bottom-up, fundamental investors focused on the long-term—three to five years—we tend not to position the portfolio around macro events. At the same time, given the potential for meaningful policy changes under the new U.S....

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