Sustainability Critical in Extractive Industries

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

As a final note in our conversation about metals of the future, the development of the extractive industry is inevitable considering global demand for energy and mobility— but policies must seek to ensure that any...

Seeking Opportunities in Metals of the Future

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

Metal exporters in emerging markets (EMs) may be underappreciated given the increased demand for clean transportation created by regulation and consumer preferences—and this could bolster the outlook for frontier markets with burgeoning mining investments. As...

Rising Demand Supports Metal Exporters

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

Emerging markets (EM) hard-currency bonds could remain volatile given the challenging global macroeconomic backdrop, but we see pockets of opportunities. In particular, metal exporters in the frontier markets may be underappreciated. That’s because regulation and...

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