The Age of Oil

The Active Share Podcast

We can’t understand current geopolitical events without understanding how fossil fuels shaped the 20th century. In this episode of The Active Share, Hugo sits down with Helen Thompson, a professor of political economy at Cambridge...

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Hits Commodity Markets

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

The sanctions imposed on the Russian government and companies, along with countermeasures by Russian authorities, have caused further disruption to commodity markets and contributed to rising prices. Despite the conflict, however, we believe emerging markets...

The Green Bond Potential in Emerging Markets

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

Recently news broke that two Kenyan issuers are considering green bonds. Is this a portent of good things to come? Are other markets, not just in East Africa but more globally, likely to tap this...

ESG Concerns Limit East African Oil and Gas Outlook

Yvette Babb
Emerging Markets Debt

East Africa was one of the fastest-growing regions of Africa leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many countries that comprise this region have compelling commodity potential. How might this transformation happen? And what are...

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