Transitions in Value: Technology

Joshua S. Overholt
U.S. Equity

When the world changes, opportunities to find value may present themselves. Something, whether it’s a geopolitical event or a new technology, creates a question about a company’s future, and that question can impact valuations—so as...

The Case for Semiconductors

Greg Scolaro, CFA
Global Equity

Semiconductor stocks have outperformed all other industry groups for the past decade, and we see scope for continued outperformance; however, given a wide range of business models and competitive advantages, there is no one-size-fits-all investment...

What’s Shaping India? 5 Emerging Trends

Jeremy Murden
Global Equity

In November 2019, members of our global equity team traveled to India to meet with management teams of more than 80 companies, gathering insights on India’s economic potential, growth drivers, and consumer demand across many...

Are Microchips the New Oil?

The Active Share Podcast

Microchips are the building blocks of the modern economy, but what are the geopolitical implications of this new power player? In this episode of The Active Share, Hugo speaks with Tufts University associate professor Chris...

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