U.S. Election

Impact! U.S. Elections

Olga Bitel, Partner
Global Equity

The U.S. election season is in full swing, and the implications for economic growth prospects and market returns are more elusive and more profound than any market moves in the early days of November may...

A Year of Surprises?

Simon Fennell, Partner
Global Equity

It seems as if 2016 has had more than its fair share of big surprises, but in retrospect, it is clear that many of these surprises were years in the making. Hindsight is 20/20, but...

U.S. Elections: Now What?

William Blair News

The November 2016 U.S. elections may go down in history as among the most unconventional, leaving many investors wondering about the investment implications. Longer term, we believe active management’s ability to adjust exposures to specific...

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